2025 Jeep Renegade Redesign: What to Expect

After a very long and quite successful production cycle, it looks like the Jeep’s smallest SUV is finally getting a full redesign. According to the latest reports, the current generation will end production by 2025 and the all-new model is coming right after. At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation, but it looks like the all-electric version will be a priority for the 2025 Jeep Renegade.

But, does this mean there will be no internal combustion version on offer? It’s still hard to say, considering the current trend of the EV market that has slowed down a bit. For that reason, it looks like the second-generation Renegade will also be offered with gas engine, but in a combination with electric motors, in a plug-in hybrid setup.

2024 Jeep Renegade Brazil
2024 Jeep Renegade

2025 Jeep Renegade Redesign

As mentioned, the 2025 Jeep Renegade is getting a full redesign and from what we know so far, changes will be quite substantial. First of all, there is the new platform, which will be able to accommodate both electric and internal combustion powertrains. But what are you probably interested more in at the moment is the overall design. In that aspect, things won’t change much. This will remain an entry-level crossover, with a bit of funky design solutions, combined with practicality and mild off-road potential.

In other words, you may expect a lot of similarities with the recently introduced Avenger. That model debuted in Europe and it won’t be coming to North America. This part of the world will remain reserved for Renegade.

A couple of rendering photos already appeared on the internet and they show a slightly bolder and squareer appearance than before. On the other side, we are pretty sure that the dimensions are about to remain very similar to the original.

2025 Jeep Renegade render
Source: Autoevolution

2025 Jeep Renegade Going All-Electric

As we already mentioned, one of the biggest novelties of this redesign will be the switch to an all-electric powertrain. The company still keeps details a secret but if we consider that the new Renegade is going to share a lot of parts with the Avenger, we may expect a similar setup as well. The European SUV features a single electric motor with a max output of 155 horsepower, while the battery ensures up to 250 miles of range.

Those are decent numbers but as we are talking about a model that will also have some off-road pretensions, it’s pretty legal to expect a version with an additional electric motor, which will provide all-wheel drive and make the new SUV off-road capable.

But despite the electrification, we are pretty sure that, just like the Avengers, the new-generation Renegade will also come with a version that uses an internal combustion engine. Simply, the current situation on the market suggests that the electrification will have to slow down a bit until EVs become more profitable. Meanwhile, we presume that the majority of Renegade models will be sold with a gas engine under the hood. But, that won’t be a gas-only setup, but rather a hybrid, most likely a plug-in hybrid. It could be one of the company’s latest setups, maybe even a system similar to the one that powers the new Dodge Hornet, with quite impressive max output of 288 horsepower.

2025 Jeep Renegade render photo

2025 Jeep Renegade Release Date and Price

The 2025 Jeep Renegade will receive a full redesign and we expect to see it sometime in 2025. It’s still early for a more precise launch date, but we presume that will be sometime in the second half of that year. As for the price, we estimate that the base versions are going to cost between 25.000 and 30.000 dollars.



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