2025 Jeep Gladiator: Finally a PHEV!?

Jeep has just presented an updated version of its pickup and we can see a pretty good portion of updates. There is a new styling, new infotainment screen, new trim levels and many more. However, it looks like something is still missing, which indicates that the company has decided to leave something for the 2025 Jeep Gladiator as well. That particularly refers to the new powertrain option.

Namely, the new 2024 model will be offered with just one powertrain option, considering that the diesel version has been discontinued. We expect the replacement to come with the 2025 Jeep Gladiator, in the form of a hybrid version, something that the Gladiator’s close relative, the Wrangler, already has. With this powertrain, the Gladiator will become way more competitive in this highly demanding segment, led by models like Toyota Tacoma and Chevy Colorado, which have both been redesigned recently.

2025 Jeep Gladiator front

2025 Jeep Gladiator Hybrid

So, the most anticipated novelty for the 2025 Jeep Gladiator is the addition of the hybrid powertrain. Of course, we count on the well-known 4xe badge and the same setup that powers the Wrangler. We are not sure why this hasn’t happened already, considering that the diesel engine is no longer on offer and that the reliable but not particularly peppy naturally-aspirated V6 is currently the only powertrain you can get with this pickup. For comparison, the Wrangler is available in two more variants.

In any case, we expect to see the same setup, based on a 2.0-liter turbo-four, which gets significant help from a massive battery pack and electric motor. The total output goes all the way up to  375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque, which would make the Gladiator one of the most capable models in the class, along with the new Tacoma Hybrid and the Ford Ranger Raptor. Besides plenty of power and torque, this version of the 2025 Jeep Gladiator would also benefit from a decent all-electric range that should go around 20 miles.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Design

On the other hand, we don’t believe that the 2025 Jeep Gladiator could bring bigger changes in terms of the overall design. Simply put, we’ve just seen a facelift for the 2024 models, which seems quite comprehensive. First of all, there is the new styling, with the same changes we saw in the Wrangler a few months ago. The new grille is obviously the most prominent change, but there is also a new front bumper and LED lighting that is standard in all trim levels. Moreover, the company introduced 7 new wheel designs, so we are pretty sure things are going to remain the same in this aspect as well.

2025 Jeep Gladiator

The same is true with the rest of the truck, which is about to retain the same overall shape, with a crew cab layout as the only one on offer, combined with a short 5.5-foot bed. It’s also worth mentioning that the company introduced a couple of new trim levels, Rubicon X and Mojave X, which bring upgrades over standard Rubicon and Mojave models, with various styling tweaks, more standard equipment etc.


The same is with the interior design. Considering that the 2024 update has brought a couple of interesting changes, we presume that the 2025 Jeep Gladiator is about to carry on in the same way. There is a new infotainment system, with a bigger screen that also brought a slightly revised dashboard design. Furthermore, the company also introduced power-adjustable seats, for the first time in a Gladiator, while there are now 9 interior color schemes in total.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Interior

All in all, this pickup features quite an attractive interior, with a great mix of classic and modern design solutions. Also, the Gladiator features one of the largest cabins in the class, with the ability to accommodate adults with ease in both rows, which isn’t always the case with mid-size pickup trucks.

2025 Jeep Gladiator Release Date and Price

The 2025 Jeep Gladiator will arrive sometime in the second half of 2024, though it’s still early for a more precise date. As for the price, we presume that base models are about to cost around 41,000 dollars.



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