2025 Jeep Recon: All-Electric Off-Roader on the Way!

With the automotive industry leaning toward full electrification, it was just a matter of time before seeing this trend among off-roaders. A couple of all-electric pickups have already been launched but no one tried to electrify the pure off-road SUV category, until now. Now, Stellantis is ready to enter this game first, with the 2025 Jeep Recon. This will be the brand’s first all-electric model in North America and it will be a pretty capable off-riader.

But does that mean it will be some kind of a replacement for the Wrangler? Not at all! The iconic off-roader will also get an all-electric iteration, as you may presume, considering the Magneto concept. This will be a more civilized off-roader, something more like a Land Rover than a Wrangler, in the way that it will also offer a high level of comfort, a spacious and practical cabin, along with good on-road ride quality.

The new 2025 Jeep Recon is already in an advanced stage of development and we expect to see it on sale already in the next year, though it’s still early for a more precise date.

2025 Jeep Recon

2025 Jeep Recon Design

So, the first thing about the 2025 Jeep Recon you’re about to notice is the styling. We’ve already seen a couple of rendering photos and they show a mix of futuristic and rugged design, with a lot of details that clearly accentuate the model’s all-electric nature. Of course, the seven-slot grille is there, but in a little bit different manner, even though there will be no internal combustion under the hood.

What’s more impressive is how rugged the new SUV looks like. It feels pretty off-road capable, with massive tires, high ground clearance and pretty short overhangs. Moreover, there are also all-terrain tires, while the company claims that a Rubicon-rated version will be coming directly from factory lines. That means that the 2025 Jeep Recon will be available with all kinds of off-road upgrades and accessories, which will make it as capable as any off-road SUV on today’s market.

2025 Jeep Recon

As for the platform and mechanics in general, the new SUV will be based on the new STLA large platform, with a lot of parts shared with the recently-presented all-electric Wagoneer.

On the inside, we expect a couple of spacious and comfortable rows of seats from this four-door SUV, with a generous offer of head and legroom, along with a generous cargo area. The company also promises a lot of cargo room at the front, in the so-called frunk, while the battery will be positioned under the floor and won’t compromise passenger and cargo space in any way.

Powertrain and Performance

As for the powertrain, the only certain thing at the moment is that the 2025 Jeep Recon will feature an all-electric setup. Details are still unavailable but if we consider that off-road pretensions, it’s quite obvious that even the most basic versions are about to feature two electric motors and four-wheel-drive. Naturally, we count on a more powerful, range-topping version as well. Some sources suggest that could be the same setup presented in the all-electric Wagoneer, with 600 horsepower, enough to hit 60 in 3.5 seconds. We will stay reserved with these kinds of claims at the moment.

As for the battery pack, it’s still early for the numbers, even though some sources speculate about 350 miles on a single charge. More importantly, we expect to see an application of the latest battery technology, with fast charging speeds that will be able to add 100 miles of range in a matter of minutes.

2025 Jeep Recon

2025 Jeep Recon Release Date and Price

As we already mentioned, the 2025 Jeep Recon will hit the market sometime in the next year, though it’s still early for a more precise launch date. As for the price, some sources speculate about 60,000 dollars for the base version.



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