Jeep Grand Compass: What to Expect

The Compass is a well-known name in the automotive world and while North American drivers rather prefer bigger siblings like Cherokee and Grand Cherokee, this particular model is quite popular abroad. This particularly refers to the Asian markets, but sales numbers are also pretty good in South America, Europe etc. So, the U.S. manufacturer is about to come with something new, with a more practical version of this capable off-roader. We are talking about a three-row version, which would come as the Jeep Grand Compass.

Inside the company, this version is codenamed 598 and while officials tend to keep most things a secret, some aspects of the vehicle are pretty easy to predict. Normally, this model will be longer, but we also count on revisions in terms of styling, as well as on other modifications. More details should come soon, so keep the following paragraphs with a dose of the reserve.

Jeep Grand Compass render

Jeep Grand Compass Design

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind about this model is the styling. Naturally, everyone expects this model to be longer compared to the standard version, which measures around 104 inches in wheelbase. Still, we don’t expect a significant increase between the axles. Instead, the company may extend the rear overhang to get additional space, which is something we recently saw in the three-row version of the Lexus RX. Of course, that would compromise the overall off-road performance, but keep in mind that this model will come primarily as an affordable family hauler, for markets like South America, India and China, where models like Grand Cherokee or the upcoming Grand Wagoneer are way too expensive for an average car buyer.


When it comes to the styling, the biggest difference compared to the standard version will be on the rear end. Of course, this part would be extended, so we would see bigger windows in the last quarter of the vehicle. Another thing you should consider that the current generation has been around since 2016, so it’s not hard to conclude that a facelift is also around the corner. Of course, these styling changes would be applied to the Jeep Grand Compass as well. We presume that the focus would be on the front end, where we would see new headlights, grille and other parts, inspired by the upcoming Grand Cherokee and Grand Wagoneer models.


On the inside, the biggest changes will happen at the back end of the cabin. Of course, we are talking about the addition of the third row, which would provide seating capacity for seven passengers. Still, don’t expect something significant in terms of the passenger space. The third row would be rather tight and mostly for kids, with similar dimensions to models like Mitsubishi Outlander, VW Tiguan Allspace etc. Also, the cargo volume behind the third row will be very small.

Jeep Grand Compass Interior

On the other side, the overall cabin layout will remain pretty much the same. You may count on a familiar dashboard, which probably won’t get any particular revision with the upcoming update. The current dash looks quite good. The overall quality is good, though there are few rivals that look more upscale. So, we could see some new materials and similar kinds of updates. Of course, there is also a chance to see a couple of additions in terms of standard equipment. This primarily refers to tech and safety features. The infotainment system will probably remain the same, which isn’t a bad thing at all. Simply, the current version is pretty intuitive and easy to use.

Jeep Grand Compass Engines

Under the hood, base models in North America will continue in the same, with a familiar 2..4-liter inline-four engine, which is good for about 180 horsepower. Some sources suggest we could see a new plug-in hybrid version as well, which delivers a total output of 240 horsepower. Finally, a new 1.3-liter turbo-four could be in offer as well.

In other parts of the world, we count on a few more options in the offer, including Fiat’s well-known MultiJet turbodiesel units, with 1.6 and 2.0 liters.

Depending on the engine, the transmission choice can be very different. Some engines use a well-known 6-speed unit from Aisin, while ZF’s 9-speed unit is in the offer as well. Moreover, even a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic is available with some engines as well. In Europe and a few more markets, you can also get a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Jeep Grand Compass

Jeep Grand Compass Release Date and Price

The Jeep Grand Compass still waits for the official confirmation, but some sources suggest we could see it on the market already in the next year. When it comes to the price, it should be a couple of thousands higher compared to standard models, which go around 24.000 dollars in North America. Key competitors will be models like Mitsubishi Outlander and VW Tiguan.



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