2024 Ram Dakota Latest News: Release Date, and Price

There has been a lot of talk about the Dakota comeback lately, which clearly indicates that something is cooking. Namely, Ram has been without a mid-size pickup truck for a long time, since the discontinuation of the previous Dakota. Meanwhile, the market for mid-size and compact pickups has grown a lot, so we have no doubt that the company is figuring out how to re-enter this segment. The problem is that the competition is much tougher now and Ram needs something really special to compete with already-established names in the class. Therefore, we have been checking the 2024 Ram Dakota’s latest news a lot lately, to see if the new Dakota is happening or not. So, check the following paragraphs and learn more about the possible comeback of the well-known nameplate.

Before we start, keep in mind that the officials are still quiet about the new Dakota. Therefore, we suggest you stay reserved on the following paragraphs because they are based mostly on rumors and unofficial reports.

2024 Ram Dakota render

2024 Ram Dakota Comeback – What are the options?

Practically, there are two ways the 2024 Ram Dakota could go. One of them would be a more traditional design approach, where the new model would compete in the mid-size pickup segment, with models like Toyota Tacoma and Ford Range. In that scenario, we would see a typical mid-size pickup, riding on a body-on-frame chassis, with strong capabilities in every aspect.

However, some experts don’t believe this could happen and the main reason for such claims is that there is already a Jeep Gladiator and that Stellantis doesn’t want competition inside the corporation. Therefore, what they are suggesting is a different design approach for the Dakota, where the new pickup would ride on a unibody platform. In that way, the 2024 Ram Dakota would be cheaper and would have fewer rivals to compete against. Namely, there are only two pickups in this class at the moment – Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz.

2024 Ram Dakota rendering

BoF Dakota

So, the first scenario suggests a traditional design approach, with the body-on-frame design. In that case, the 2024 Ram Dakota would most likely have a lot in common with the Gladiator. The two models would share the platform, which means that Ram’s mid-size pickup wouldn’t be just a capable utility machine, but also an excellent off-roader.

Other sources speculate about the possibility to see the new Dakota produced in Mexico, alongside Ram 1500. In that case, the parts would be shared with the full-size pickup. We would see the new model riding on the Ram 1500’s platform, with a very similar design, only in a smaller package.

Unibody Dakota

The other option is to see the new 2024 Ram Dakota competing with the Maverick and Santa Cruz. In that case, the new model would ride on a unibody platform, borrowed from some of the crossovers in this overcrowded automotive corporation. It may be the Giorgio platform, but it could also be some of the platforms from the former PSA group, where the new pickup would benefit a lot in terms of new hybrid technologies and similar things.

In this scenario, we would see a smaller pickup, with compact dimensions, while the crew cab style with a short bed would be the only layout on offer. With a design approach like this, the new Dakota would be a refined and very comfortable pickup, prioritizing driving experience over towing capacity and other utility features.

2024 Ram Dakota Engines

The 2024 Ram Dakota’s latest news suggests various powertrain options. Once again, a lot will depend on the platform choice. In the case of a traditional BoF chassis, there is no doubt that the new pickup would rely on old and proven powertrain options. This primarily refers to a familiar 3.6-liter V6, which would feature around 285 horsepower. It could also come coupled with a mild-hybrid system, which would positively affect fuel economy. Of course, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a diesel version as well, with a familiar 3.0-liter V6 with 260 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque.

In the case of a unibody design, there are many more possible options for the 2024 Ram Dakota. If the new model is about to ride on the Giorgio platform, we presume that the familiar 2.0-liter turbo-four would be the main engine option. On the other hand, the PSA platform means a lot of new options regarding electrification. This particularly refers to the company’s new plug-in hybrid system, which combines electric motors with a 1.6-liter turbo-four gasoline engine. FWD models feature 225 horsepower, while the AWD version of the system puts out 300 horsepower.

2024 Ram Dakota motortrend
Source: MotorTrend

2024 Ram Dakota Release Date and Price

More optimistic predictions suggest that this comeback could happen already this year, though 2024 sounds more realistic to us. One of the 2024 Ram Dakota’s strong points should be an affordable price, which should start under 30.000 dollars, no matter the design approach.



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