2023 Ram Power Wagon Updates, Changes, Specs

The current generation of Ram’s HD pickups has been around for a while and it looks like it’s time for updates. Therefore, the next year is about to bring a mid-cycle refresh. Of course, all versions of the pickup will receive novelties, including the Power Wagon. The off-road-focused pickup has been around for some time and it established itself as the best off-roader among HD pickups. However, times are changing and rival companies started to offers such pickups as well. That’s why the 2023 Ram Power Wagon is about to come with notable changes.

The test mule has been spotted on the road and we can see that the company prepares a couple of cosmetic changes. Furthermore, it looks like we will see a couple of novelties at the front, as well as a few more aesthetic updates around the vehicle. Details about the mechanical aspect of the truck are still unknown, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see some novelties in this aspect as well. On the other hand, the inside probably won’t change that much, though there’s always room for novelties in terms of standard equipment.

2023 Ram Power Wagon

2023 Ram Power Wagon Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the test mule of the new 2023 Ram Power Wagon has been spotted on the road. From what we can see, it wears a bit of camouflage, particularly in areas like hood, side mirrors etc. So, these could be new parts for the capable off-roader, while we wouldn’t exclude seeing things like new color options and wheels either.

Still, the core of the Power Wagon will remain the same. The next year’s model will, without any doubt, continue with the familiar set of familiar features. In terms of aesthetics, that would include things like the blacked grille, along with lots of other blacked parts of the truck. Furthermore, this pickup comes standard with powder-coated bumpers, which also have a nice impact on the truck’s appearance.


Still, the key thing about the 2023 Ram Power Wagon will remain its set of exclusive mechanical features. Of course, this refers to all kinds of off-road upgrades, starting from the standard four-wheel drive and off-road-tuned suspension, which may come with some fine-tuning, by the way. Furthermore, every Power Wagon comes with a two-speed transfer case, as well as locking front and rear differentials. You may also count on disconnecting the front stabilizer bar, while it’s also hard to imagine a proper off-roader without all-terrain tires. In this case, you get them in a combination with 17-inch wheels.

2023 Ram Power Wagon

The list of off-road features doesn’t end here. You may also count on hill descent control, skid plates, electric winch etc.


On the other hand, we don’t expect that the 2023 Ram Power Wagon interior could change much. Simply, the current model already features a pretty impressive cabin design, which looks very similar to the one found in the 1500 model. The dashboard looks attractive and comes wrapped with fine materials.

Despite being an off-road pickup, the Power Wagon also offers a lot of convenience features. For example, you may count on things like heated seats and steering wheel, while Ram’s massive 12.0-inch infotainment system, along with smartphone connectivity and a surround-view camera. All these things are part of the standard equipment.

2023 Ram Power Wagon Interior

2023 Ram Power Wagon Engine

We presume that the 2023 Ram Power Wagon will continue with the well-known 6.4-liter HEMI V8, which puts out around 410 horsepower and 429 pound-feet of torque. The engine comes in pair with an 8-speed automatic transmission, which is refined and also comes with manual mode that includes the transfer case as well.

As we already mentioned, 4WD is standard, along with lots of other off-road features.

Some sources also speculate about the possibility to see the 2023 Ram Power Wagon with more power. Some of them even go that far to suggest the Hellcat engine. Of course, we are talking about the same unit that powers the Rebel TRX, with over 700 horsepower. At this point, the officials are quiet about this.

2023 Ram Power Wagon Release Date and Price

We expect to see the 2023 Ram Power Wagon sometime in the second half of the year. The starting price should go around 60.000 dollars.



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