2025 Ram 1500 Is Getting a Mid-Cycle Refresh

Ram’s half-ton pickup enjoys a great reputation at the moment, with its more upscale design approach. It is more refined, more comfortable and looks way better from the inside than rivals but it’s also been in production since 2019, so it’s about time to see some changes. Therefore, it doesn’t surprise that the 2025 Ram 1500 was spotted on the road already, with a couple of covered areas. Namely, the company prepares a mid-cycle refresh and it looks like the updates are going to be quite comprehensive.

Of course, it’s easy to see that the company prepares styling updates, but one of the spy shots also shows a revised infotainment screen, so it’s obvious that the updates will come on the inside as well. Finally, big changes will come under the hood, as the new Hurricane turbo inline-six is about to join the engine lineup.

With all these updates to come, we expect the 2025 Ram 1500 to arrive a little bit earlier than usual, most likely already in the summer of next year.

2025 Ram 1500 Design

So, the 2025 Ram 1500 is getting a mid-cycle refresh and we already know some of the updates. One of them is the styling, which will get novelties on both ends of the vehicle. The test mule features a decent portion of covers, on both ends. We expect to see a new front end, with new headlights, a new grille and a few more tweaks, while the rear end should bring new taillights etc. Of course, we also expect to see typical mid-cycle updates, such as new wheels and color options.

On the other hand, the mechanical aspect of the vehicle will remain untouched. The 2025 Ram 1500 will carry on with the same chassis and suspension setup, and that’s nothing but a good thing. Namely, the current model already comes standard with multi-link rear suspension that ensures superior ride quality over rivals. But, things can get even better than that, because higher trim levels are also available with air suspension.


So far, the company tries to be quiet about the interior updates. However, one of the spy photos shows a couple of interior details as well, particularly a new infotainment screen, which is also vertically oriented but might get a new interface and more features. Other than the new screen, this update should also bring updates in terms of new materials, while the dashboard might get some minor revisions as well.

Still, the overall layout shouldn’t change much, and the 2025 Ram 1500 should carry on with its superior interior quality over rivals, characterized by attractive aesthetics, nice materials and good overall build quality.

Of course, this update could also bring a few more pieces of standard and available equipment, whether it’s about tech, convenience, or safety features.

2025 Ram 1500 Engines

As for the powertrain, this update is expected to bring one important update. Of course, we are talking about the new Hurricane engine. The company’s new twin-turbo inline six already debuted in a couple of models including the Grand Wagoneer, and not it’s perfect time for its debut in Ram 1500. Of curse, we count on a more powerful version, with 510 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque.

Base models will continue with a 3.6-liter V6, with a max output of 305 horsepower, while the future of a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 is still uncertain. Most believe it will remain on offer, particularly in a version with a mild-hybrid system.

2025 Ram 1500 Release Date and Price

As we already mentioned, the 2025 Ram 1500 will arrive a little bit earlier than usual, probably already in the next summer. As for the price, the current model starts slightly under 40.000 dollars, and we don’t expect to see a bigger increase after this update. Of course, the competition remains the same, in the form of F-150 and Silverado 1500, primarily.



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