2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV: What Can We Learn From Concept?

Earlier this January, Ram has finally shown a concept version of its first all-electric pickup. With Ford being a part of the EV story for a while and the new Chevy Silverado just entering the segment, it looks like Ram has a lot of things to do to catch up. Fortunately, this concept seems like a big breakthrough, so the production would eventually start in the next year. The new model is expected to come as the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV and we believe that many things could carry over from the concept version.

This may refer to many things. First of all, expect to see a similar design approach, with a lot of aesthetics to carry over. The same is with the smart and practical features that the concept has shown. Of course, some of the design solutions won’t find their place in serial production but the all-electric Ram 1500 will certainly have to offer a lot to stand out from the crowd.

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV: What to Expect From the All-Electric Ram 1500

The 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV was presented at the recent CES 2023 in Las Vegas and it shows what the production version could be like. Of course, the first thing we’ve noticed is the styling. The concept comes in a crew cab layout, with a body that seems a little bit bigger compared to the internal-combustion model. Somehow, the concept features both boxier and sleek and it is certainly a big departure from the current ICE model.

Of course, the most prominent is the front end, which comes with interestingly-designed LED lighting groups, as well as the illuminated RAM lettering on the grille. LED illuminated lettering can be noticed in other parts of the vehicle as well, including the nicely designed taillights, that follow the futuristic design approach of the front end. The company also presented some smart design solutions in this part of the truck, particularly in terms of the cargo bed, which comes with barn-like-opening doors that allow it to be extended in the case of long loads.

On the other hand, the company wasn’t particularly generous with the technical details. Front what we can conclude, the new pickup will ride on the company’s new BEV platform, which will bring all kinds of advanced technologies, including powerful battery features and super-fast charging options.


The cabin looks as flashy as the exterior, if not even more than that. Of course, there is a futuristic dashboard design, with a clean design and lots of tech features, including a couple of touchscreens with a total size of 28 inches. What’s particularly interesting is that the lower screen can be de-attached and used either as a tablet, or attached to three more positions in the cabin.

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Interior

Ram put a lot of focus on practicality and overall functionality. So, the first thing to mention is a rail attachment system, so you can manipulate seating arrangements and configure the cabin in the most efficient way. The seats are lightweight and equipped with seat belts, speakers and many more things. They can fold flat or be completely removed. Moreover, the concept also features a suicide, rear-hinged door for easier access to the rear seats. The cabin is four-inch longer compared to the ICE Ram 1500, so you may expect more passenger space in both rows. Also, the company offers the option to install a couple more jump seats in the cargo bed, for an even higher level of functionality and practicality.

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Drivetrain, Battery, Performance

The officials weren’t particularly generous with details when it comes to the most important aspect of this pickup. We haven’t heard any output figures, nor any numbers regarding the max range, or even towing capacity. On the other hand, we know that the production version will feature a dual-motor setup, with one engine on each axle, offering standard four-wheel drive.

When it comes to battery, the officials said that the new pickup will feature an 800-volt battery technology, with a charging speed of 350kW. We didn’t hear anything about the total battery capacity or max range, but the company claims that the DC fast charger will be able to add 100 miles of range every 10 minutes.

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Specs

2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Release Date

So far, the best we can say is that the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV should arrive sometime in 2024. More precise details about the price and launch date are yet to be announced.



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