Will Dodge bring back the Dart for 2024?

Back in the day, the Dart was a pretty successful muscle car. With the compact size and affordable price, it was a fantastic alternative to the more prestigious Charger and Challenger. Eventually, it may a great success in motorsports, which only bumped up its reputation. Unfortunately, it was discontinued in 1976, due to the oil crisis. The company already did one comeback in 2012 but Fiat-based Dart wasn’t particularly successful and remained in production for only five years. Nowadays, we can hear rumors about the comeback again, maybe already in the form of the 2024 Dodge Dart.

At this point, the officials are still quiet about this comeback but most enthusiasts believe that such a model would have a big chance to establish a good position on the market. After all, Dodge needs a compact car in its lineup, a big seller that would also ensure steady profit in the following years.

As the officials are still quiet, the actual chance to see this comeback in the next year, so stay reserved about the following paragraph, where we will discuss possible design approaches for the revival.

2024 Dodge Dart 2012
2012 Dodge Dart

2024 Dodge Dart as Compact Car

One of the possibilities for the 2024 Dodge Dart is to see it in a form of an affordable, compact car. It could be an entry-level city car or a compact sedan. In both cases, it would compete mostly with foreign competition, such as Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla. In that case, we would expect to see a car based on a compact platform, which would probably be borrowed from the European siblings from the former PSA group. We would expect to see a front-wheel drive car, which could be powered by gasoline units, and could also come in a hybrid form.

However, the problem with such a design approach is that the company already had one unsuccessful comeback. That was in 2012, when we saw a compact sedan based on Fiat’s platform, with a lot of similarities with models like the Chrysler 200 and Alfa Romeo Giulietta. That comeback didn’t end particularly well, considering that the model was discontinued from the North American market in 2016.

2024 Dodge Dart as an EV

If we consider the unsuccessful comeback as a compact sedan, as well as the fact that Stellantis won’t produce traditional muscle cars, the only scenario that remains is the one that brings the 2024 Dodge Dart in the all-electric form.

2024 Dodge Dart render
Dodge Dart Muscle Car Render

For some time, reports were suggesting that the 2024 Dodge Dart could come as a halo electric car. With the recent announcement of the all-electric Charger and Challenger, it became clear that this won’t happen. However, the new Dart could come as a small, more affordable EV, which would be Dodge’s solution for the growing EV market. Of course, it would come with a less impressive setup, with weak performance and less attractive overall appeal. However, it would be more affordable and more approachable to a common buyer. Once again, we are thinking about a simple setup, with a single electric motor at the front, a decent range and an affordable price tag.

What about Dart SUV?

2024 Dodge Dart SUV
2024 Dodge Dart SUV as an SUV

Such a scenario doesn’t sound unlikely at all. In this era of crossovers, that could actually be a logical move. If Ford can use the Mustang nameplate for an all-electric SUV, we don’t see a reason why Dodge wouldn’t do the same.

The 2024 Dodge Dart SUV would probably come as a compact crossover, positioned under the current Durango. At this point, all possibilities are included, starting from a conventional design that would include an internal combustion engine or a hybrid powertrain. An all-electric Dart crossover also sounds like a good move, considering that the use of old nameplates is very popular these days.

2024 Dodge Dart Release Date

As you can see, there are many possibilities for this revival and each scenario shows certain potential. Therefore, we are pretty sure that the company is seriously considering the possible use of this nameplate again. When is this going to happen – it’s hard to say, even though some sources suggest we could see the new model already in the next year. The officials are still quiet about the 2024 Dodge Dart, so we would remain reserved at this point.



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