2025 Ram Dakota: What to Expect

For years, we’ve been hearing reports about Dakota’s comeback, once a highly capable and beloved mid-size pickup. In recent years, it was believed that the famous nameplate would be used for something different, for a small unibody pickup that would challenge the super popular Ford Maverick. However, the company recently presented the all-new Rampage in Brazil and things now look way more complicated. Practically, this led us to the state where there are three possible scenarios for2025 Ram Dakota, and each one looks quite possible.

These three scenarios include three different directions for the new Dakota. One of them suggests the famous moniker to remain in history. The other one suggests the use of different nameplates for the Rampage in North America. Finally, the third one is about a genuine mid-size pickup, which would stick to the base design principles of the original model. So, let’s check each one of them:

2025 Ram Dakota Ram Rampage
Brazilian-Market Rampage

2025 Ram Dakota: Unibody Pickup Instead

As we already mentioned, the recent presentation of the all-new Rampage made everything way more complicated. For a couple of years, it was believed that the new Dakota would come to compete with Maverick. Instead of a body-on-frame design, that model would feature a unibody design, compact dimensions and efficiency in focus.

However, the new Rampage seems to check all the boxes and even though it has just been presented in Brazil, it is pretty much for sure it will come to the U.S. market pretty soon, as the North American engineers and designers also participated in the development, which is a pretty clear indicator of the U.S. arrival.

In that case, we would see the Rampage in North America, with pretty much the same design and only minor modifications, which could refer to powertrain options and standard features. The base layout would remain the same.

2025 Ram Dakota: Benefits of the Well-Known Nameplate

The second scenario suggests something similar but a little bit different. In this case, the 2025 Ram Dakota would come back. Once again, the famous moniker would be used for a unibody pickup but in this case, this wouldn’t be just a rebadged Rampage. Instead, we would see certain modifications.

Although the platform would be the same, the North American Dakota would, in this case, come with several changes. One of the first things that comes to mind is the size. This model could get a little it bigger, which a more spacious cabin and more space in the cargo bed. At the same time, it could bring a little bit more rugged exterior design, along with a good portion of extra features.

2024 Ram Dakota motortrend
Source: MotorTrend

By extra features, we are thinking not just about standard equipment. This model could also bring new powertrain options, as well as significant upgrades when it comes to off-road performance, where we would see a pretty capable dedicated off-road version.

2025 Ram Dakota: Back to the Roots

Finally, the third scenario suggests something we’ve been waiting for for more than a decade – a genuine Dakota design. This scenario suggests a classic body-on-frame design, with a classic fully-framed chassis and everything else that goes with classic mid-size pickups. This model would compete in a higher class, with pickups like Tacoma, Ranger and Colorado.

Two directions are possible under this scenario. One of them is to see a design base on Jeep Gladiator, which already competes in this segment The 2025 Ram Dakota would ride on the same platform and share most of the parts. However, it would also come in a more basic variant, we believe, with a single cab layout, which would make it more approachable to the masses.

2024 RAM Dakota autoevolution
Body on Frame 2024 RAM Dakota

The other option is to see a Ram 1500-based design, with the same but slightly downsized chassis. Benefits would be numerous, starting from the advanced suspension setup and superior ride quality, excellent towing capabilities and equally-great off-road potential.

2025 Ram Dakota Release Date

At this point, the officials are still quiet, so none of these options can be taken for granted. There is still a big question mark behind the Dakota resurrection, so make sure to stay tuned for further updates.



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