2023 Dodge Viper Rumors and Expectations

The legendary supercar has been gone since 2017. The fifth-generation ended its production four years and we are still hearing rumors about another revival. At this point, this is nothing more than pure speculation, so you should take the following paragraphs with a big reserve. Still, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make some prediction about the 2023 Dodge Viper, about base design characteristics and similar things.

At this point, we can talk only about our desires and one of the first things that come to mind is the engine placement, which should remain behind the front axle, we believe. Also, we expect that the new model will stick with familiar aesthetical criteria. On the other side, we are pretty sure that the new model, if it arrives, won’t feature 10 cylinders. Instead, it would probably come with “just” eight of them.

Some sources suggest that the new model could arrive already in 2022. We think that’s a too optimistic view.

2023 Dodge Viper

2023 Dodge Viper Design

At this point, it’s hard to make more precise predictions about the potential sixth generation of the iconic supercar. Still, we believe that the 2023 Dodge Viper would stick with familiar design solutions. In other words, we would see a typical front mid-engine setup, which characterized previous generations of the famous snake. That’s a great way to stick with tradition, but also a way to stand out, considering that Chevy’s and Ford’s supercars are mid-engined now.

Such a layout also indicates the styling. Once again, we would see a recognizable long hood, with the cabin mounted almost on the rear wheels. We would expect to see a lot of curvy lines, in a typical Viper manner, though the aesthetical criteria of the modern automotive industry require a couple of sharp lines as well. So, we should see some of these as well.

2023 Dodge Viper


Of course, the interior is still a complete mystery. We don’t know what to expect in terms of aesthetics, but we have no doubt that the base interior layout will remain the same. In other words, we would see a typical two-seat configuration. We expect to see both coupe and convertible variants.

Besides attractive aesthetics, we have no doubt that the 2023 Dodge Viper would come with loads of advanced tech features as well. This doesn’t refer to a massive touchscreen-only, but also to things like driver-assist features and similar things.

2023 Dodge Viper Engine

This is probably the most interesting part of the 2023 Dodge Viper. If the new model arrives, we presume it will feature a little bit different lineup compared to the previous models. In other words – forget about 10 cylinders. The new Viper would come with a V8 engine, and we presume that would be a new generation of FCA’s legendary HEMI engine.

Most likely, we would see two versions on the offer. Base models would feature a max output of around 550 horsepower, while the high-performance version would probably come with a supercharger, with a max output of over 700 horsepower.

Another important thing to talk about is transmission. We are pretty sure that the company would leave a manual transmission in the offer, to stand out from the crowd, which predominately relies on automatic gearboxes only. At this point, we can’t say more details regarding the engine and transmission.

2023 Dodge Viper render

2023 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price

If we look at rumors, it looks like the 2023 Dodge Viper could come already in the next year. However, the reality is that the officials are still quiet and that, if Dodge decides to bring it back, the new model won’t be coming so soon. If it arrives, we presume that the starting price would be around 90.000 dollars. Of course, Chevy Corvette would be the key rival, as well as models like Porsche 911, and even range-topping versions of Charger and Challenger.



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