2021 Dodge Viper Comeback Rumors

Rumors about the comeback of American supercar have been around since the discontinuation of the fifth generation three years ago. However, it looks like something is finally happening, for real. It looks like FCA has finally started with the development and it looks like the new model may come already in the next year, as the 2021 Dodge Viper.

Those are the latest unofficial reports about the American legend, which has been originally launched three decades ago. Many see Viper as America’s only real supercar and we are really missing it these days. Fortunately, it looks like things are going to change soon.

2021 Dodge Viper
Image Source: Car and Driver

2021 Dodge Viper Design

Although many see 2021 Dodge Viper as a certain thing, there aren’t many details about it. Still, it seems pretty much certain that the company will stick to the model’s original nature. This means FCA won’t do the same thing as Chevy and offer a mid-engine supercar. Instead, you may count on a recognizable long how and massive engine mounted behind the front axle. In terms of the chassis design, the first thing that comes to mind is the introduction of completely new, advanced independent suspensions on both axles. Furthermore, we have no doubt that FCA is about use loads of lightweight materials in order to make this car as fast as possible. Once again, we will see two body styles in the offer. However, it looks like the convertible will come first. A coupe version should arrive a couple of years later.

Styling and Interior Design

When it comes to the styling, we have no doubt that the 2021 Dodge Viper will stick to its roots. With a front-mid engine, it will definitely carry on with a super long hood and typical American aesthetical approach. A long hood, low center of gravity and seat position are the things that are guaranteed. Of course, the company will introduce a new design language, with a new front end, but we doubt that will have some drastic impact on the overall styling, which should be quite retro and old-school.

2021 Dodge Viper rendering photo

When it comes to the 2021 Dodge Viper interior design, you may count on a typical two-seat configuration. The dashboard will be made of quality materials but it will remain quite simple. A simple approach will come in a combination with loads of advanced tech goodies. Also, we have no doubt that Dodge will keep everything pointed to the driver, as that has always been one of its recognizable features.

2021 Dodge Viper Engine

Of course, the 2021 Dodge Viper engine is definitely one of the things that draw the most attention. One of the things that seem certain is that there won’t be ten cylinders anymore. Instead, the new model will come with a V8 engine. The company is working on a completely new, aluminum-block V8 engine, which will finally replace the legendary iron-block HEMI units, which haven’t essentially changed for several decades. The new engine will be lighter and more efficient and we definitely count on multiple output variants, including naturally-aspirated versions. Most likely, base versions will be good for about 550 horsepower, while the most powerful variants of the new Viper should go way over 700 horsepower. More details will be known in the near future.

2021 Dodge Viper render

2021 Dodge Viper Release Date and Price

As we’ve just mentioned, the 2021 Dodge Viper return may happen already in the next year, though we have to say that the company is still quiet about the legendary supercar. Still, we have no doubt that FCA won’t make the same mistake some other carmaker did and raise the price tag significantly. This one will probably go around 90.000 dollars in the base variant. As you may presume, Chevy Corvette will be the key rival, but we have no doubt it will compete with FCA counterparts, with Hellcat and Demon versions of Challenger and Charger.



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  1. Bob says:

    Well it’s almost 2022 and no viper and no indication that there will ever be a new viper. I’m amazed at how many publications have spent so much time speculating on this with no facts just wishful thinking.

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