2021 Dodge Challenger Preview: Changes and Features

The current generation of the legendary muscle car has been around for a very long time but it continues to impress buyers over and over, at least sales numbers say that. That’s the main reason why FCA won’t hurry with the redesign. Moreover, some reports suggest it won’t happen before 2023, but that doesn’t necessarily have to happen. All this clearly indicates that we might see one more update of the current generation, though we don’t expect to see it for the next year. The 2021 Dodge Challenger is expected to carry on with familiar design characteristcs. Still, it is always possible to see a couple of novelties in terms of standard equipment.

This means you may count on all the familiar qualities that characterized this amazing car. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is an impressive engine lineup, but there is also a fantastic retro-vibe styling, which hasn’t aged at all. Finally, the Challenger is more practical than its rivals, as it offers a more spacious cabin and more cargo space.

2021 Dodge Challenger

2021 Dodge Challenger Design

All in all, the next year will bring a familiar design. Some rumors were suggesting 2021 Dodge Challenger convertible, but we are pretty sure this won’t happen. We will see a familiar coupe layout, characterized by a retro, but also a muscular look, which rides on the old LX platform, the same one that underprints another legendary nameplate, Charger.

On the inside, we also don’t expect to see any particular change. This is one of the aspects where the current generation starts to show its age. The dashboard has always been considered simple and straightforward. Still, the current look isn’t something that can compare with cabins of rivals, which look far more attractive. Despite the lack of modern feel in terms of aesthetics, the overall quality and final tough is more than okay.

The aspect where this model really shines is practicality. This pony can be fast but can be good for everyday use as well, as it is the only model in the class that offers rear seats that are actually usable. Also, you may count on a spacious trunk with more than 16 cubic feet of volume.


This is the area where we can always see some novelties. The 2021 Dodge Challenger redesign won’t happen, but new features could. Still, we have to say that the current model is already quite decent in this aspect, so don’t expect anything significant.

When it comes to tech goodies, the current model comes standard with the excellent Uconnect 4 infotainment system with a 7-inch touch screen, a six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth, two USB ports, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Dual-zone climate control is also on the list of standard equipment. In higher trims, you can also get goodies like a bigger 8.4-inch touch screen, a six- or nine-speaker Alpine audio system, an 18-speaker Harman Kardon audio system, satellite radio, navigation, sunroof and more.

2021 Dodge Challenger

On the other side, things aren’t that great in terms of safety features, at least when it comes to base models, which come with a rearview camera only. Things are a little bit better in higher trim levels. There you can get adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, rear parking sensors, and forward collision warning.

2021 Dodge Challenger Engines

This is where Challenger really shines and it will continue in the future. You may count on the same lineup, which includes a variety of engines that go in a wide power range. Base models come with a familiar 3.6-liter V6, which features a max output of 305 horsepower and 268 pound-feet of torque. Although not as dynamics as V8 counterparts, it still moves this car with ease. An 8-speed automatic is the only transmission that comes with this engine.

The real fun starts with V8 options and all of them are great. The first in the line is a 5.7-liter unit, which is good for about 372 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque with an automatic transmission. If you pick the model with manual gearbox, power jumps to 375 horses and 410 pound-feet of torque.

The legendary 392 features 6.4-liters in displacement and features a max output of 485 horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque and it is an excellent choice for those who want a genuine muscle car.

Those who want to go extreme can count on the 2021 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. It comes with a supercharged 6.2-liter V8 that puts out 717 horsepower and 656 pound-feet of torque. Finally, there is an upgraded version of this engine, called Hellcat Redeye, which counts up to  797 horsepower and 707 pound-feet of torque,

2021 Dodge Challenger price

2021 Dodge Challenger Release Date and Price

Considering that bigger changes are not expected for the next year, the 2021 Dodge Challenger will arrive sometime late in the year. When it comes to the price, we don’t expect significant changes. The current model goes in an extremely wide range. Base models start around 28.000, while the most expensive versions go way over 70.000 dollars.



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