2023 Dodge Dart Concept, Price, Hellcat Engine

Today, we will try to figure out if the 2023 Dodge Dart is going to happen. For those who never heard of this vehicle, it has sense. The last edition of the original car was produced nearly 50 years ago and one revival wasn’t good enough. There are many pros and cons for its comeback. The bottom line is – the new Dart is probably not going to happen. We still leave a tiny little possibility for the return.

There are no too many rumors about the 2023 Dodge Dart. Fans saw an interesting concept last year when the car was customized by fans. Anyway, it can be an interesting idea. On the other hand, with Charger and Challenger, we doubt there is room in the lineup for another muscle car. The Dodge lineup is shredding, and the FCA is making more room for Jeep vehicles.

2023 Dodge Dart

Why Was Dart Discontinued?

As a usual cause, slow sales killed the last Dart. The company revived the nameplate, with fresh styling and a promising future. However, the car was in production only for 4 seasons and finally was discontinued in 2016. It belonged to the compact segment, where rivals managed to sell more than 200k units annually. Unfortunately, Dart has never reached 100,000 sold examples in one year. In the meantime, many of those ‘successful’ carmakers dropped their products from the segment. Sales dropped overall, so there is no sense in reviving an old nameplate and bringing it to a non-promising market.

But, we don’t want to completely write off the chances of the 2023 Dodge Dart return. There are still a few models available in the compact car segment, such as Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra, or Honda Civic. A lack of competition from the US carmakers could be a blessing. Ford completely left the sedan market, and Chevrolet recently dropped Cruze.

What Could 2023 Dodge Dart Look Like?

A modernization is required for the 2023 Dodge Dart. The car was not too attractive a few years ago and it might be one of the reasons for the failure. An original vehicle was drawing attention with its styling and innovations during 60s. Well, time’s changing and now there are more segments and options included in the overall impression. An attractive look is not enough. The interior must be comfortable and safe. And yes, let’s not forget a storage room. Cars can’t deal with the versatility of SUVs, and that is why this market is getting smaller.

2023 Dart Concept

2023 Dodge Dart Hellcat

One of the things that would definitely put the spotlight on the new 2023 Dodge Dart is the Hellcat engine. Call it a dream, but the concept from 2021 showed it is possible. The most powerful drivetrain the FCA is using is a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 petrol mill.

There are no too many vehicles that have a chance to use it as the main source of power, but the company is expanding the lineup. Last year, Ram truck and Durango SUV were added to the squad. From earlier, Jeep Grand Cherokee is there, as well as two muscle cars – Charger and Challenger.

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Depending on the configuration, the 2023 Dodge Dart Hellcat could produce from at least 700, to more than 800 horsepower. But, as a small car, it is very hard to believe the company is going to build such a configuration. They took a few years to develop the setup for Ram TRX and Durango.

2023 dODGE dART hellcat


There is no too much to say about the 2023 Dodge Dart predictions. The vehicle is most probably not coming back and we stated a few reasons. Here, we can add a final conclusion – it would be a gamble for the FCA. The company plays safe, improving the position by position in every segment. Yes, the carmaker sometimes makes an experiment. For example, the Ram TRX is a performance truck which is not going to draw a lot of attention. But, it is more of a statement and shows the competition the capabilities and ambitions of bosses. The Dart is not. It would be a waste of money, and FCA already made a mistake with this nameplate and the segment.

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