2023 Dodge Challenger Redesign: What to Expect?

Despite the age, the current generation of Dodge Challenger is marking some pretty impressive numbers, especially when compared to direct rivals, Mustang and Camaro, which are much younger. However, the current generation has been around for way too long, since 2009. In many aspects, it looks way outdated and many feel that it’s time to move on, to offer something more than just additional horsepower. That’s why many believe that the redesign could happen soon. Some sources believe that could be the 2023 Dodge Challenger.

At this point, the officials are still quiet on this matter. The main reason why we can find so many reports that suggest a full redesign is the 2023-mile odometer reading in press photos of the 2020 Dodge Challenger. Dodge is known for such mind games, and that’s why these rumors make sense.

2023 Dodge Challenger oddometer

2023 Dodge Challenger Redesign

The current generation is old by many standards. Interestingly, it still looks fresh and we consider it one of the best-looking sports cars around, even though it’s been around since 2009. On the other side, the aspect where it desperately needs updates is the platform. This muscle car still uses some parts from the Mercedes-Benz models from the early 2000s, so it’s no wonder it can’t deliver the desired ride quality. It is heavier than rivals and doesn’t offer too much fun in corners. Therefore, the 2023 Dodge Challenger definitely needs a completely new layout.

At this point, we can only speculate. Still, we believe that the perfect solution for the next-generation Challenger would be to borrow the platform from Alfa Romeo. Of course, we are talking about Giorgio architecture, which underprints Stelvio and Giulia. Furthermore, the new Grand Cherokee also rides on it.

The use of this platform would bring many benefits. First of all, the new model would be significantly lighter. Furthermore, the center of gravity would be much lower and the combination of these two would certainly provide far better driving characteristics.

The only potential issue with this platform is the powertrain. Dodge engineers would have to modify it and make it capable of accommodating large V8 units. Jeep did such a thing with the new Grand Cherokee, so there’s no reason why Dodge wouldn’t do the same.

2023 Dodge Challenger render

Exterior Design

As we already mentioned, the current generation still looks amazing, despite the age. That’s why we believe that the new 2023 Dodge Challenger would come with subtle changes only. Dodge designers would stick to the same formula, which includes loads of retro styling elements that clearly resemble earlier generations of the Challenger, from the golden era of muscle cars.

We expect that the new model would keep a similar size and proportions. On the other hand, the new model would be significantly lighter, as we already mentioned.


The styling of the current generation aged well. However, we cant say the same for the cabin design. The dashboard looks outdated, while the materials and quality should be better. Therefore, we have big expectations from the next-generation 2023 Dodge Challenger. We count on more attractive aesthetics and finer materials, along with improved build quality.

As we’ve just mentioned, the next generation should keep a similar size. This means we could expect a similar amount of interior space as well. That has always been one of the Challenger’s strongest points, as it is the only muscle car that accommodates adults in the second row. The new model should be at least as good as its predecessor. Naturally, we also count on a decently-sized cargo boot.

2023 Dodge Challenger Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, we presume that most engine options will carry on from the current model. This particularly refers to large HEMI engines. We count on all three units in the offer, with different output and specs. Of course, we are talking about 5.7- and 6.4-liter naturally-aspirated units, as well as about the Supercharged Hellcat engine, which should come with even crazier numbers than before.

Without any doubt, the new 2023 Dodge Challenger will come with some smaller-displacement engines in the offer too. Base models could easily come with a 2.0-liter turbo-four. Also, we could see a couple of electrified versions. Most likely, they will come with a mild-hybrid eTorque system, but we wouldn’t be surprised if we see a plug-in hybrid version in the offer as well.

2023 Dodge Challenger redesign

2023 Dodge Challenger Release Date

If we can trust the latest reports, the next generation will come somewhere in about two years. Without any doubt, the 2023 Dodge Challenger will continue to compete with arch rivals, Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang.



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