2023 Dodge Barracuda Rumors and Expectations

It’s been more than a decade since we heard rumors about the Barracuda comeback for the first time. The legendary muscle car was expected to come back with a completely new design, with a lot of things in common with the new Challenger. However, we haven’t seen anything yet. These days, rumors about the comeback are loud once again and from what we can hear, it looks like experts have different visions for the new model, which could arrive already in the next year, as the 2023 Dodge Barracuda.

Some sources suggest a genuine sports car design, which has a lot of resemblance to the original model. Others believe it could come as a convertible version of the next-generation Challenger. Finally, some speculate about the possibility to see it go all-electric.

In any case, the officials are still quiet about the new Barracuda, so take everything you’re about to read with a big reserve.

2022 Dodge Barracuda render

2023 Dodge Barracuda Design

Among the three aforementioned scenarios, the one that makes the most sense is to see a new 2023 Dodge Barracuda with a completely new design. It would come with a typical sports car layout and we presume that it would ride on Alfa Romeo’s Giorgio platform. This architecture turned out to be excellent for sports cars, such as Alfa Romeo Giulia. So, the new Cuda would definitely borrow some parts from it.

When it comes to the exterior design, we presume that the new model would come with a styling that resembles the original model from the 70s. Also, the overall size would probably be smaller compared to the Challenger. This model would be lighter and more maneuverable.

The other scenario suggests a convertible version of the Challenger. This would also mean a completely new design, because the Challenger is about to receive a full redesign soon as well. Once again, the Giorgio would be the base of the new model, though we would probably see a little bigger size.

2022 Dodge Barracuda rendering


When it comes to the 2023 Dodge Barracuda interior, it’s way too early to talk about details. Dodge hasn’t been released a new model for years. So, it still needs to establish its new design philosophy, whether it’s about exterior or interior design.

The thing we could expect on the inside is a typical 2+2 seating configuration, which plenty of passenger space in both rows. Furthermore, count on a full load of the latest tech goodies, including the new generation of the company’s intuitive infotainment system.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Engines

When it comes to powertrain, we count on all kinds of powertrain options. This would include various forms of electrification as well, so the base model would probably come with a familiar 3.6-liter V6 engine, which comes equipped with the eTorque mild-hybrid system. A plug-in hybrid version is also expected, especially after the launch of the new electrified Wrangler. That system is based on a 2.0-liter turbo-four engine and features a combined output of 375 horsepower.

Of course, we also count on pure gasoline versions. For example, we could see a turbo-four on the offer. However, the real deal would definitely be versions with HEMI engines. Currently, Dodge has three V8 units to offer, starting from a 5.7-liter engine. A bigger and more powerful 6.4-liter engine puts out around 475 horsepower, while there is also a chance to see a version with a monstrous Hellcat supercharged engine.

2023 Dodge Barracuda Electric

Finally, the third option for the 2023 Dodge Barracuda would be to see it as an all-electric vehicle. Electrification is an inevitable thing and the use of familiar nameplates always looks like a great way to advertise new technology, just like Ford did with the Mustang E. Therefore, it would be pretty interesting to see a completely electric Barracuda.

If this happens, the new model would be built from the scratch, as a completely new vehicle. It could even come as a crossover, just like the all-electric Mustang. More updates should come in the future.

2022 Dodge Barracuda rendering

2023 Dodge Barracuda Release Date

At this point, we can’t say much about the 2023 Dodge Barracuda release date and price. The new model is still a rumor. So, the best we can do is to rely on rumors, which suggest the new model could arrive already in the next year. Stay tuned for more updates.



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