2022 Dodge Hornet Rumors and Expectations

If we can trust the latest reports, it looks like Dodge could bring back the Hornet name. The older generations know very well this nameplate, which was used for AMC’s compact car during the 60s, 70s and 80s. With the disappearance of the AMC brand, this nameplate vanished as well, until the early 2000s. At the time, Dodge came out with the same nameplate, which was used for a compact, but a quite bulky car, which was somewhere between a hatchback and a crossover. However, it has never entered serial production. Now, it looks like this could happen with the 2022 Dodge Hornet. While the officials are still quiet, the fact is that FCA has already come up with the application for both the “Hornet” and “Dodge Hornet” trademark.

At this point, it early to talk about more specific details about this model, due to insufficient info about it. Still, we can make some predictions and one of the first and most obvious things that come to mind is that this should be a small crossover. We are about to speculate about the design in the following paragraphs, so make sure to take them with a big reserve.

2022 Dodge Hornet Concept
2006 Concept

2022 Dodge Hornet Design

As we’ve just mentioned, there are different possibilities for the 2022 Dodge Hornet, especially if we consider the recent merger of FCA and PSA, which has open a whole new spectrum of possibilities. Therefore, we will speculate about different scenarios for the 2022 Dodge Hornet.

First of all, we truly believe that this nameplate will be used for a small, entry-level crossover, which could be compact or even subcompact in terms of dimensions. Therefore, one of the first possibilities is to see a design based on FCA’s familiar Compact Wide platform, which already underprints a plethora of small crossovers, starting from Jeep Renegade, Jeep Compass, Fiat 500X etc. However, we believe that the 2022 Dodge Hornet would rather feature something more modern under the skin.

PSA Platform, Dodge Styling

This leads us to the recent merger of PSA and FCA. PSA has far better technology when it comes to platforms for small cars, so we presume that the new model would rather rely on PSA’s familiar EMP2 platform, which underprints models like Peugeot 3008 and 2008. So, the new Hornet could use its mechanics, but come with its own, unique styling, which could take a lot of inspiration from the 2006 concept.

2022 Dodge Hornet Render

This would mean a pretty boxy approach, which is quite popular these days. Of course, the front end would be drastically different compared to the concept, but the overall shape may not, and that could include those oversized wheels as well.

PSA Platform, PSA Styling

Another possibility that comes to mind. This model could be a great opportunity for Peugeot to come back to the U.S. market. So, the 2022 Dodge Hornet could easily be some of its rebadged models. This particularly refers to 2008 and 3008 models, which look really amazing in every aspect, so there is no doubt they would sell pretty well in North America.

Another obvious advantage of PSA’s platform is the potential in terms of electrification. It already offers quite advanced plug-in hybrid setups, with 225 and 300 horsepower, and electrification is something FCA desperately needs at this moment.

2022 Dodge Hornet Peugeot 3008
Peugeot 3008

2022 Dodge Hornet – What about the interior?

As you may conclude, many things will depend on the company’s final approach. If the 2022 Dodge Hornet is about to come as some rebadged Peugeot model, we could easily see the same cabin design as well. That would be great, considering that French models feature pretty interesting cabin layouts, full of avant-garde design solutions. Still, we are not so sure how North Americans would accept such aesthetics.

On the other side, if Dodge engineers and designers take care of the exterior, they will work on the inside as well. This leads us to a more conventional and less upscale design. Simple design solutions and lower overall quality would also have a positive impact in terms of production costs, which in practice means lower starting price. Also, if the 2022 Dodge Hornet is about to feature the concept’s boxy shape, we may expect a quite spacious and practical cabin as well, generous with headroom and with a cargo area that’s quite friendly to bulky objects.

2022 Dodge Hornet Release Date

Many believe that the 2022 Dodge Hornet could arrive already in the next year. We suggest you to take this comeback with a reserve, considering that the officials are still quiet.



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