2020 Chrysler Town and Country Might Come Back, But In Different Form

Despite being discontinued a couple of years ago, and replaced with Pacifica, we can find a lot of reports these days that suggest the famous nameplate might come back. Different reports have been circulating around in the past several months, suggesting different kinds of design. However, things remained pretty unclear and we still don’t know what’s exactly happening with this nameplate. On one side, there were reports that suggest Chrysler might introduce another minivan, along Pacifica. That eventually happened but the new model carries another name. On the other side, it’s no secret that Chrysler is working on a new crossover, so it’s no wonder that many experts think they could use a familiar nameplate for the new model. In any case, things with the 2020 Chrysler Town and Country are pretty unclear, as the company’s officials are still very quiet on this matter.

2020 Chrysler Town And Country Main

2020 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan

This is what most reports were suggesting in the past months. According to them, the company was planning another minivan, which would use a familiar nameplate. The new minivan came, but there is no such thing as 2020 Chrysler Town and Country for sale. Instead, the new model comes with a completely new name and it is called Voyager.

The new Voyager is heavily related to the Pacifica. Moreover, it is pretty much the same vehicle, though a quite stripped out model. It misses various features that can be found in Pacifica. So, you may presume that the price is notably lower as well. It’s not hard to conclude that the company sees this downgraded version as good fleet options and a great choice for those who are looking for something more affordable and don’t necessarily need a full load of latest tech goodies.

Considering the new Voyager, chances to see 2020 Chrysler Town and Country van seem very unlikely. Still, some experts thing differently. As the Voyager has come as the low-grade version of Pacifica, it wouldn’t be a surprise if we also see a luxury version with the familiar nameplate. A lot of options are in game, starting from a completely new model that is heavily related to Pacifica. Eventually, we might just as some kind of on upgraded luxury trim level under this name. This would include a more luxurious 2020 Chrysler Town and Country interior, more standard equipment and maybe even some powertrain upgrade.

2020 Chrysler Pacifica

2020Chrysler Town and Country SUV

Such a scenario with luxury in mind would definitely make this minivan very expensive. The high 2020 Chrysler Town and Country price also means lower sales numbers, and many experts feel it would be a shame to use such a famous nameplate on something that wouldn’t be extremely popular.

Therefore, one of the solutions would be to use this nameplate for an SUV. It’s no secret that the company is working on a new crossover. According to the latest reports, the new model will probably ride on the Giorgio platform and share a lot of parts with the next-generation Grand Cherokee. In our eyes, that sounds more likely than another minivan. After all, the Town and Country name wasn’t always in use for a minivan in the past. It was also in use for station wagons, convertibles and other kinds of vehicles.

2020 Chrysler Town And Country SUV

However, the company is still quiet on this matter and we still don’t have any kind of information about the name of the new crossover. Still, the new crossover is definitely under development. So, we might expect to find out whether the new model will come as 2020 Chrysler Town and Country or not in the near future, so stay tuned.



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