2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Which One To Choose

Once close mechanical relatives, today notably different vehicles. While the Grand Cherokee recently received a full redesign, the Durango still marches on, basically unchanged since 2011. Jeep’s model is modern, while Dodge’s SUV represents the old school. Does newer mean better? Which one would work better for an average driver and which one is a better choice for more demanding drivers? Let’s start this 2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee comparison and see how things stand between these two mid-size SUVs.

2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Base Design and Measurements

2024 Dodge Durango SRT front

As mentioned, both models are mid-size SUVs, though there are some differences in terms of dimensions. Dodge Durango is good for nearly 120 inches in wheelbase and features nearly 200 inches in total length, which is pretty impressive for the class. On the other hand, Jeep’s model is notably shorter, with 193.5 inches in length and 116.7 inches in the wheelbase. However, keep in mind that the Grand Cherokee is also available in a stretched version, which is good for a pretty impressive 121.7 inches between the axles and nearly 205 inches in length.

As for the platform, chassis, suspension setup and similar things, the Grand Cherokee is a far more modern vehicle. The Durango hasn’t changed much for nearly 13 years and still rides on the old Mercedes-Benz platform that was originally developed for the W166 series. The Grand Cherokee, on the other hand, has Italian DNA, as it is based on the Giorgio platform, the one that underpins super-dynamics models like Alfa Romeo Stelvio. All in all, Jeep’s model offers notably better handling. It is more maneuverable and easier to drive. The Durango feels like a classic SUV, with notably more body lean and less precise steering.

2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Engines

As for the 2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee powertrain, the two models still share a couple of units, starting from the base 3.6-liter V6, which puts out 293 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Both models are still available with the good-old 5.7-liter V8, which puts out around 360 horsepower.

This is where similarities end. The Grand Cherokee is available with one more, plug-in hybrid powertrain. That modern system combines a turbo-four engine with an electric motor, for a total output of 375 horsepower.

The Durango, on the other hand, offers two more old-school units, starting from the massive 6.4-liter V8, which is good for about 475 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. Also, we expect Durango to remain available with the monstrous 6.2-liter Supercharged V8 engine, which puts out around 710 horsepower.

All engines use the same, super-smooth 8-speed automatic transmission.

Interior Design

As for the 2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior design, you can easily recognize two different approaches in terms of aesthetics. The Durango has been around for a while and despite there being some updates, it looks a little bit old, especially when compared to the Grand Cherokee, which is still a pretty fresh model. Jeep’s SUV looks way more modern, not just because of aesthetics, but also because of more advanced tech features. Furthermore, it is also notably more luxurious, with way more fine materials in use.

2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee

In terms of passenger space, both Durango and Grand Cherokee are pretty generous in the first two rows. The Grand Cherokee offers slightly better ergonomics but the two models are equally spacious and comfortable. The Durango comes standard with five seats and the optional third row. On the other hand, Jeep’s model features five seats, while the long-wheelbase Grand Cherokee L features a standard third row of seats.

As for the cargo space, the Durango offers a pretty impressive 17.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind its third-row seats, 43.3 cubic feet with these seats folded and a sizable 85.1 cubic feet behind the first-row. The two-row Grand Cherokee is good for about 37.7 feet of space behind the second row and 70.8 cubic feet with the rear row folded, while the three-row version offers 17.2 cubic feet of cargo space behind its third-row seats, 46.9 cubic feet with these seats folded, and a total of 84.6 cubic feet with the second and third rows folded, which is pretty similar to Dodge’s counterpart.

2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Tech Features

As mentioned, the Grand Cherokee is a much younger vehicle, so it‘s logical that it features notably more tech features. However, Durango is far from bad. It also features the latest variant of the Uconnect infotainment system, which is super easy to use. The list of standard tech equipment includes an 8.4-inch touch screen with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a six-speaker stereo, satellite radio, Bluetooth and four USB ports, while there are many optional features you can get as well.

The Grand Cherokee, on the other hand, comes with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and a digital instrument cluster. Also, it offers some upgrades Durango doesn’t, such as a 10.25-inch passenger-side touch screen, for example.

2024 Dodge Durango vs. 2024 Jeep Grand Cherokee: Pricing

As for the price, the Dodge Durango starts slightly under 40.000 dollars. On the other hand, the Grand Cherokee is around 3.000 pricier, with a starting price that’s nearly 43.000.



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