Is There Any Chance For 2020 Chrysler Imperial Comeback?

According to some rumors, the famous nameplate might come back once again. The iconic model is one of the most famous names that ever came from this carmaker. It was produced for several decades, starting from 1920. For most of its production, it was a luxury, flagship model, on the top of the in the brand’s offer. The initial production lifespan ended in the mid-50s when a completely new brand simply called Imperial was established. In such form, this luxury car remained until 1983. After several years of break, there was another short-living model between 1989 and 1993. Finally, the company presented a stunning concept in 2006, but it never entered serial production. 

1957 Chrysler Imperial

Almost 15 years later, we are hearing stories about the possible comeback once again. At this point, those are just rumors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. In any case, take the following paragraphs with a huge dose of the reserve.

How could 2020 Chrysler Imperial look like?

For most of its lifespan, the Imperial was a flagship model in Chrysler’s offer. Therefore, we don’t expect anything less from the new model either. This means a full-size, luxury vehicle, probably in the form of a 4-door sedan. In the current Chrysler’s lineup, you can find the model called 300, but this large sedan is quite old and definitely need replacement. Some experts think the company might use a more famous nameplate for the next generation and the 2020 Chrysler Imperial sounds perfect in our ears.


Still, it is very hard to predict how the new model would look like. In terms of mechanics, we would expect to see a completely new layout. There’s a big chance that that would be a significantly stretched and upgraded version of the Giorgio platform of Alfa Romeo. As you probably know, FCA is already working on a new version of this platform, for the next-generation Grand Cherokee, so we might see another version as well.

2006 Chrysler Imperial Concept

This leads us to the exterior design, which might take some inspiration from the 2006 concept, which featured a pretty muscular and massive look. In any case, count on nothing less than 120 inches in wheelbase, a spacious and luxurious cabin and plenty of power under the hood. Speaking of power, we count on familiar V8 HEMI units in the offer, though it’s hard to say which one would find the place in this full-size sedan.

2020 Chrysler Imperial as SUV

Another possibility that comes through our minds is to see this nameplate on some of the upcoming crossovers. Such vehicles are by far the most popular on the market these days and it’s no secret that Chrysler is working on some of these. The 2020 Chrysler Imperial would sound perfect for a flagship SUV and we presume it would have a lot in common with the next-generation Grand Cherokee.

This also means the Giorgio platform, while mechanics would be shared with the famous Jeep model entirely. On the other side, we would expect to see a completely different styling, based on Chrysler’s new design language, which is still to be established. This would be a large and luxurious crossover, with three spacious rows of seats and a generous amount of cargo space. Plenty of power under the hood is also expected.

2020 Chrysler Imperial SUV

Some reports go even that far and suggest a BoF layout. This would mean a traditional SUV design, based on the new Ram 1500. However, such an approach doesn’t sound very likely in our ears, especially if we consider that there are already a couple of models to come that will be based on Ram 1500, such as Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Dodge Durango.

When to expect 2020 Chrysler Imperial?

The 2020 Chrysler Imperial is nothing more than a rumor at this point, so you should take this article with a big reserve. Moreover, chances to see this nameplate in the future are extremely small.



Timothy has been an FCA enthusiast way before the two major companies merged. With an innate passion for muscle cars from the golden era, Ram trucks and anything that has a huge engine under the hood, it’s not hard to presume that Timothy is a true motorhead. On the other side, classic Italian sports cars have always had a special place in his heart, as a sense of style and sophistication is an integral part of his persona. For Timothy, FCA is a perfect match.

2 Replies to “Is There Any Chance For 2020 Chrysler Imperial Comeback?”

  1. The imperial could work. Changes to the interior would b required. But what about the next body style would b my concern. Well let’s start chrysler phaeton body but not so long. Rework the dash take out rear console keep seats and headrest and steering wheel.. cap look on back windows. Front facia rework from t head lights and taillights. Taillights similar to Mercedes c class. Front fenders changed to accommodate head lights to today’s chrysler 300 angle over fenders. Leave grill the same.

  2. Clark Neetenbeek says:

    I’d go with a waterfall grill with a reverse open hood that tilts up to accommodate the waterfall grill. The headlights, in my version would be modern and rectangular, not round. Round headlights have been overdone in these concept cars. We pay too much attention to trying to make the car into something like a Bentley or Rolls Royce. The car should honor its heritage. There is plenty of Imperial history to work with. I would design the rear lights to honor the torpedo like taillights from the ‘50s. All while using the current 300 platform. Finally, I would modernize the car with the latest electric power plant technology.

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