2020 Јееp Commander Gets PHEV Version, Might Come Back To North America

The familiar nameplate didn’t have too much success in its original form, but the second generation is doing pretty well in China. That’s the reason why many reports suggest we could see it in North America as well. At this point, that’s just speculation. On the other side, the Chinese 2020 Јееp Commander continues in the same way and adds a new, PHEV version. The offer is now expanded and includes more powertrain options. On the other side, the overall design remains the same, which seems natural, considering that this model has been launched just a couple of years ago.

On the other side, rumors about the U.S. version are getting louder these days. It looks like we might see it under Chrysler’s badge, considering that Jeep’s lineup seems pretty crowded these days. The new Grand Cherokee is on the way, while the Grand Wagoneer is coming back after years of hiatus.

2020 Јееp Commander

2020 Јееp Commander Plug-In Hybrid

There is no doubt that the biggest novelty for the 2020 Јееp Commander is the new PHEV version. So far, this crossover has been available with a gasoline engine only, and now it’s turn for something more efficient. Although many reports were suggesting a system that is similar to one in Chrysler Pacifica, FCA has developed a new one. In this case, a 2.0-liter turbo-four serves as the basis, instead of the V6 engine. It comes in pairs with two electric motors and a 13-kWh battery pack. While the exact numbers in terms of power are still a mystery, we know for sure that the new version will be able to make 43 miles in the all-electric mode.

Inside this crossover, you will find a rotary knob, which allows you to select four different drive modes. The Hybrid mode is pretty much a standard mode, which automatically adapts for the best possible efficiency and battery power. The Electric mode is the all-electric regime of working, which offers a max range of around 43 miles. The E-Save model keeps the battery power at a high level, while the Sport mode uses maximum power from the engine and electric motors, in order to provide the best possible performances.

2020 Јееp Commander PHEV

2020 Јееp Commander Engines

Other than a new PHEV system, the 2020 Јееp Commander will carry on with a familiar 2.0-liter turbo-four engine, which comes in two output variants. If you pick a 2WD model, the max output goes around 235 horsepower. On the other side, 4WD models are good for more than  260 horsepower. In both cases, you may count on a well-working 9-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Јееp Commander Interior Design

The cabin is definitely one of the strongest points of this model. Although we are talking about a Chinese market model, the overall quality is actually quite impressive. Moreover, the dashboard looks very opulent, which the overall impression seems pretty luxurious. Also, the cabin is quite spacious. You have a choice between two models, with five or seven seats. In both cases, the amount of legroom in the first two rows is the same. It’s more than decent for five adult passengers. On the other side, the third row feels a little bit cramped, which isn’t a surprise, considering that we are talking about a crossover that means just around 110 inches in wheelbase. That’s less compared to pretty much any mid-size crossover in North America.

2020 Јееp Commander Interior

Also, the amount of standard equipment is more than decent. The list of tech goodies is pretty long and this is also the first Jeep model that offers 4G Wi-Fi connectivity in China. Of course, you may count on the excellent infotainment system and all other kinds of gadgetry and tech goodies.

2020 Јееp Commander Release Date and Price

The 2020 Јееp Commander is already available in most parts of China. When it comes to the price, base models go around 38.000 dollars.

Jeep Commander Could Come To North America Under Chrysler Badge!?

If we can rely on the latest reports, this model could come to North America as well. However, this won’t be a comeback of the familiar nameplate. The company will rather use a completely new name. Moreover, the new SUV will come as Chrysler. It will be a three-row crossover and we expect to see various modifications compared to the Commander.

Although the new Chrysler three-row SUV will be heavily based on the Commander, it will come with significant changes as well. Of course, visual changes come to mind first, as this model will be adapted to the brand’s design language. Moreover, we also count on changes in terms of dimensions. The new model will be bigger, so we expect to see a stretched wheelbase as well. Also, it’s possible to see new engine options, though we definitely count on the new PHEV system, which should power some other FCA models in the future as well.



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